1. How do the prices work on your site – what’s included?

The price we quoted on the site is for reference only, please feel free to     contact us if you would like to get a quote based on your requests.

2. Do prices include logo printed?

Yes, every single one of them.All prices include basic screen printed and set up.

3. Can I get another type of printing or more print colours on the product?

If it’s possible yes!  Usually 1 colour print is included but if you need a 2 colors print simply email us at info@gymtion.com,we will have pricing back to you fast.

4. Can I get a product sample?

Yes, of course.  We like to quote and qualify prospects before doing so though, we will also have to charge for samples if you want lots or they are expensive.
Sampling is important and we are here to help with them.

5. Artwork is confusing me – can you help?

Yes!, we are here to help.  Just simply email us:info@gymtion.comArtwork does not need to be confusing.

6. I only have a Jpeg /Bitmap / GIF file can you use these?

Yes, but maybe not immediately.  If your logo artwork is not up to scratch we will not use it, we will redraw it into a high resolution that will give us a high quality reproduction of your logo that will make both your chosen product and logo look great. We offer basic logo artwork redraws, but professional redraws will cost money depending on your needs, for more questions please email us.info@gymtion.com.Your logo may be on the back of an used bag, whatever logo format you have we can use!

7. Do I get printed samples of the product as part of the order?

This is usually not required.  Making an individual sample is costly and requires a print run of 1 item.  But it will be provided at certain charge if you needed this.Usually proofs show you what you are going to get printed – they are free!

8. How fast is delivery?

Each product varies as to how long it takes.  As a rough guide most of item can be supplied 1-4 weeks.  Email us info@gymtion.com for specific advice about your items and it’s timelines.
We will bend over backwards to accommodate any reasonable request.

9. Can I get smaller quantities?

We set minimum quantities at a level that get you items at a reasonable cost and allows us to professionally manage your order.   If we start slashing minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) the price goes way up as we have set costs that are incorporated into the individual price shown.  So if you want to know if you can get smaller quantities the answer is usually yes but the price will be much higher on each item.

10. Arrrgghhh!! – I can’t find what I need – can you help?

Of course – email us info@gymtion.com – we have knowledgeable staff that are ready to help.We will supply any promotional item that is available at the lowest costs possible.