1, the choice of appearance. Since it is carried with you, it must be convenient. The so-called convenience is to be small and delicate, and the more delicate the cosmetic bag, the more attractive it is to women. Of course it has to be the right size. Neither too big nor too small.

2. Material selection. The choice of material must take into account the weight. If the cosmetic bag is too heavy, it will also cause a burden to carry. Therefore, the material should be considered when choosing a cosmetic bag. The lighter the material, the better the effect, and it will not cause a burden on the weight. Cosmetic bags made of general cloth or plastic are the most convenient and lightweight.

3, the choice of design. This is the inner selection of the cosmetic bag. We are going to choose a multi-layered design. Because most of the cosmetics in our cosmetic bags are relatively fine, it is better to put them in different categories, so that our cosmetic bags will not look so messy. It is also more convenient to use.